Thursday, 19 April 2012

Book Review: Shadow Kiss

I've said it once, now I'll say it again...if you haven't already started reading The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead then you need to pick it up right now! I'll admit, despite the many recommendations from my friends to read these books I too kicked my feet around in protest for a couple of months before I begrudgingly picked up the first book, but boy am I glad that I did! Despite typically HATING vampire novels since the whole Twilight phenomenon, I fell in LOVE with Vampire Academy!

Shadow Kiss, the third novel in the series, picks up right where the awesomeness of Frostbite left off. Since Mason's death, Rose has been having weird visions of his ghost on campus, hinting at something dark to come. Without giving away any spoilers, I'll tell you this much, Shadow Kiss really played with my emotions! I was left gaping with my mouth wide open at the end, struggling with feelings of sadness and anger. If anything, I think this might actually be my favourite book in the series so far, strictly because of how emotionally involved I became in the plot.

I think part of my emotional involvement in this book is also a result of the amazing characters that Mead has created. I think it would be really difficult for any reader not to fall in love with Rose, Dimitri, Lissa, Christian, or Adrian! I couldn't help but become sucked into their daily drama and want to know what would happen to them next. Actually...on second thought... Lissa's dependence on Rose somewhat annoys me at times, but her sweet nature usually wins be back over after she's done being selfish. Overall though, Mead's characters are pretty unique and kickass!

The only minor problem that I had with Shadow Kiss was that parts of the plot were a little bit predictable. I was able to guess pretty early on what Mason was trying to warn Rose about, and just wanted to hit her head against a wall until she would understand too! That being said, there was also a HUGE twist at the end that I NEVER saw coming! I wanted to tear open the next book right away to find out what happens next, but unfortunately for me I left it at my student house.

So, if I have yet to convince you to pick up the Vampire Academy series from the three reviews I've posted so far, then I have failed as a blogger! In my defence though, it really is hard to put into words how gripping and addicting these books are! I have yet to meet someone who has read this series and not become a full blown Vampire Academy groupie, so definitely give these books a chance!

Rating: 5 Stars


Crystal Grant said...

It's true! Once you read the series, you're a goner! You have to love them :) Great review! I can't wait for you to read the next one!!! They're so amazing and then you can move on to Bloodlines which is also amazing! Great review :)

Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

Jenny said...

Argh! I swear I'm going to read these! I swear! I'm so scared I'll end up hating them or only finding them, OK. If I don't become a VA groupie everyone will hate me! Sigh. :(

TG said...

Oh yes, that ending! Amazing and heart-wrenching. I knew something bad was going to happen, because Rose finally was happy and when characters finally get everything they want, you know the writer is setting things up to come crashing down. But I never guessed how bad things would get! Also this is the book when I really fell for Adrian, and I agree with you about Lissa - I find her really, annoyingly selfish.

I once read a comment on GoodReads that pointed out that in almost any other YA series, the perfect blond Lissa, the last Moroi princess, would be the main character and Rose would just be her crazy best friend. SO glad Vampire Academy was in Richelle Mead's hands.

Ikhlas said...

Great review, Natalie! I devoured these last summer when Chelsey got me into them :D I loved the first 3, but then found the last two to be a bit slow. I remember feeling the exact same way as you about some of it being predictable.

Glad you're enjoying them! :)

Natalie said...

Jenny: I won't hate you if you don't like the VA books lol! But I will be sad that you weren't able to enjoy them as much as me!

TG:Sooo true! Lissa's character is typically the main female protagonist! Maybe that's why I like VA so much! Thanks for pointing that out to me!

Ikhlas: Ahh! I hope I don't find the last two slow!!! Because the first three were SO good!

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